The Drone Flight School

THE DRONE FLIGHT SCHOOL was established to meet the growing demand for accurate knowledge and training.  The correct education is vital when it comes to safe and effective drone operations in the commercial arena.

The technology behind the drone appears simple. The ability to open a box, assemble the parts, read a quick start guide and fly is, in most cases, misleading.  The inherent disappointment of losing, or crashing a drone after one or two flights is frustrating.

Allow us to help you:

  • Understand the anatomy of your drone
  • Prepare for successful flight
  • Gain aeronautical knowledge
  • Comprehend airspace and weather
  • Absorb the necessary information for safe and successful drone operations
  • Pass your FAA 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test and receive the Remote Pilot certification you need to prosper with your drone

Decades of aviation knowledge, and experience, in both the manned and unmanned aviation arena, helps ensure exemplary training from seasoned instructors who really do understand what is required for success.

FAA FAR 107 Knowledge Test Prep Course

Dronology 101 Drone Flight Training

Advanced Aerial Filmmaker Training